GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth

"My hair is finally growing back & the bald spots are finally filling in! Couldn't recommend this more!" - Jennie R.

GenxBrush - For Hair Growth

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💜Promotes longer, thicker, healthier hair

🥼Science backed & clinically proven to work

😌Soothing on the scalp & easy to use

FREE bottle of Rosemary Growth Oil! (Offer ends today!)

30 day money back guarantee
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
GenxBrush - For Hair Growth
$59.95 $133.00 ( 55 % off)

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Finally, a way to naturally combat hair loss & thinning hair

Stimulate hair growth & prevent hair loss with the help of the GenxBrush. It’s the only device on the market that uses technology that has been backed by science & clinically studied which is why it’s so effective when it comes to reversing thinning hair & speeding up hair growth.

Utilizing red & blue light therapy as well as vibrations & essential oil therapy, the GenxBrush stimulates the growth of hair follicles, enhances blood flow to the scalp, & slows down hair loss.

Scientifically studied for hair growth

Research has demonstrated that exposure to red light therapy can result in a 37% increase in hair growth.

Blue light therapy keeps the scalp healthy by killing harmful bacteria whereas red light therapy stimulates the production of ATP which then stimulates strand growth & delays the natural shedding of hair

The perfect addition to your night time routine

Thanks to it’s soft bristles & gentle vibrations, the Rootgenx is extremely relaxing & even helps to reduce & get rid of headaches & migraines. It’s the perfect way to de-stress & cap off the night.

Works well on curly, wavy or straight hair without getting stuck or tangled.

Backed by research, & proven to be more effective

The use of red light therapy on its own has been proven to be very effective when it comes to hair growth. When combined with other hair growth medications, research shows that red light therapy becomes more effective.

GenxBrush uses nano atomization to diffuse & distribute essential oils to the scalp, leading to an increase in hair growth & improved hair & scalp health.

Rosemary & peppermint have been shown to increase hair follicle thickness & speed up hair growth

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30 day Money back guarantee

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